on the issue about Jaejoong’s sexuality..

the thing about those who are pretty much convinced that Jae is indeed gay is that they deliberately broadcast this so that their ship which has long sunk into the deepest depths of the Red Ocean flooded with Cassies’ tears would stay relevant. basing from the majority who are pressed of Jaejoong defending his sexuality, i could say that it’s just for the benefit of that ship and they know who they are.

being apprehensive here if it is out of genuine acceptance that they are really okay with Jae being gay when all i could get from their sentiments is just their bias.

and it’s funny how some would say that Jaejoong wouldn’t really admit the truth about his sexuality publicly because it would be a career suicide if it is against the norm in Korea when the majority of their shippers have been jeopardizing Jae’s career through their vicious antics over the years just to make it appear that their ~otp is real~ and it is still an ongoing thing btw. although, there are a few sane ones aboard on that ship but they have done little to no effort in reeling in the crazies.


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because Soulmate moments like this should be immortalized in my Tumblr~

2/05/2012 @mjjeje & @6002theMicky’s Twitter convo

[Trans] mjjeje: ►6002theMicky | Yoochun-ah, be strong~Jun-gu and Jae-jeul Hyung are here! Even though filming could be tough, hwaiting..! http://pic.twitter.com/GvObaIjv

[Trans] 6002theMicky: ►mjjeje | Have you been drinking?? I love you~

[Trans] mjjeje: 6002theMicky | it’s still 6 o’clock here, what “drinking” are you talking about~ love youuuu~~ and be strong~ Think about what we talked about on my birthday and you’ll be stronger^^

[Trans] 6002theMicky: mjjeje | I miss you~~~Come back to Korea soon~ 

Trans credit: @joejjang & @yookcheoni

and here is me:

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